Out with the old…

…IN with the new.

After discussing how Good and Clever we both feel these days compared to a year or so ago, we thought we’d each go off and do a doodle a thing of what we used to like in boys vs what we like now. Brilliantly, we each found we’d drawn things we like but forgot to doodle about. This is why PandaCrumpet works. Coz we both like the same stuff n shiz.

(ps you have to click them to see them big because I’m a girl and still don’t really know how to make WordPress work proper. C)

Panda's Old Boy

Panda's Old Boy




Panda's NEW boy

Panda's NEW boy








Crumpet's OLD boy

Crumpet's OLD boy






Crumpet's NEW boy

Crumpet's NEW boy

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5 Responses to Out with the old…

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  2. Rachel says:

    These drawings are bloody ‘frickin’ hilarious and I love them. Well done P&C x

  3. Glynis says:

    I love that present day boys are smiling. That’s a good thing. You want to be with someone whose crazies mesh with yours (and that ain’t a euphemism).

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