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PANDA: I just displayed some fucking classic irrational early relationship type behaviour. I’m quite shocked with meself as i thought i was well past all that nobish malarky. But clearly not, it’s not just me though I AM NOT ALONE. … Continue reading

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X marks the spot…

*deep breath* – Crumpet here. I’ve been working on this for ages actually. It’s turned in to pub banter, IM arguments… hell it’s even happened + confused me whilst I’ve been writing it. I’m feeling a bit vulnerable about this … Continue reading

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Body talk Oooooohhh Body talk

This has been really hard to think about. Panda’s idea… and a difficult one although we’ve been talking & thinking about this for a few weeks now. Like always. A few people have recently told us how surprised they are … Continue reading

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She loves you….

WELL golly. Overwhelmed by love, comments, emails in response to last post. We really weren’t expecting that to be our most read/popular post ever and we’re really touched by the things you said, the stories you shared and the fact … Continue reading

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All roads lead to here…

We’ve struggled with worries and issues and boys and writing and all sorts of spazzy crap this week. Then suddenly we relaxed. And thought back to what we started doing this for. To share. To help each other. To teach … Continue reading

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somethingsomething rhyming something

Well gorgeous lovely bloggofans. We’ve had a silly ol’ week. BOYS infected our brains and we had a megaspazzo and collapsed on a pile of mashed potato with gravy running out of our ears instead of ideas. WRITERS BLOCK. What … Continue reading

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The Boys Of The Internet…

We’ve been discussing this stuff on and off pretty much the entire time we’ve ever spoken to each other. It’s always relevent and always changing and always funny and ALWAYS confusing. The very nature of how Panda & Crumpet came … Continue reading

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