If you like-a-me like I like-a-you…

This week we’ve been chit-chatting to each other about what we like. Like, the stuff we like boys to do… not in a rude or sexy way but like… well it’s hard to explain. Personality stuff. Superficial stuff. This is just us writing stuff to each other remember. Then we put it here for you to slag off or enjoy or whatever. x


Most of my favourite songs come from mixtapes from boys. Early 90’s they were actual tapes with Tipex and a little hand drawn inlay card thingymebob. Then they progressed to the ultra futureistic Minidisc mix tape then early 2000 was the CD mixtape. Just the other month i got a “Cheer up playlist” from an adorable curly haired Scottish boy via Spotify (ITS THE FUTURE!) and it did indeed cheer me up. Above anything else even like massive presents and that (which i love) A well thought out mixtape will make me fall haplessly in love with you like nothing else can.
………….Or Hoody or Tshirt. Ok this may seem obvious but there’s nothing like being out on a date or a thing or whatever with a boy and your cold and he gives you his coat or hoody or something. Or he stays for the first time and leaves his Tshirt.

The Supermarket Sniff

The Supermarket Sniff

I’m a big smeller, i love the smell of boys. Sometimes maybe, errr, ummmm i occasionally sniff men in Sainsburys. So yeah anyway, after you’ve had the amazing night/date thingy and its the day after or whatever and you’re thinking about the boy, theres something really nice about being able to put on their top that smells just like em.

I realise this isn’t a universal thing but i’ve realised its something thats dead important to me. You must be into films, i dont care what sort, but you must at least show a willingness to watch anything. We will spend most of the winter months hauled up in bed watching fillms in between doing other stuff OBV.

This may seem obvious but believe me its not. Yes in those early days its hours of kissing, you know Kissing just for the sake of kissing because it feels awesome and that. But its all to easy for the kissing to dry up and then the kissing turns into ‘Kissing to Cum’ DO NOT LET THE KISSING DRY UP. Kissing is key TO EVERYTHING. Hands in hair or on face scores extra bonus points to.

Remember when you were a kid and it was ORSOMS and you played out till late and went on adventures, and were silly and didn’t care what people thought and you laughed and giggled and geeked off to your hearts content.



The only thing that ever troubled you was grown ups and their stupid rules, and how you thought when you got to be a grown up it would be amazing cos it would be just like this but no bloody Rules. Then you get to be a grown up and life unfortunately has sucked all the fun out of you and suddenly you’re a grown up moaning about those pesky kids. Well BAH to that its of vital importance to at LEAST once a day be a total spacky kid and geek off. To have someone else to play with is even better. I wanna be able to have a dance off in the kitchen, and run around the woods and be completely and utterly silly. (And to not be judged for occasionally dressing up as Supergirl when I’m doing the Ironing)


There is no sweeter sound than that of our own names. Someone clever and/or sexy (I forget which but they’re quite similar aint they) told me the proper reason why hearing someone say your name is so lovely but I can’t remember why. Whatever the reason, if someone says your name – in conversation, whispered in to your ear, in a mid-rude-scenario – however they use it, ITS BRILLIANT to hear someone you like refer to you by your Proper Actual Name. Cute nicknames are fun n’all but… gosh. Yes. Actually nicknames are awesome too. I always end up with silly names for boys based on stuff we’ve done or said or talked about. But anyway still. SAY MY NAME BITCH. Or something. ‘Scuse me.

This may sound totally obvious but I LOVE FLOWERS. I love being given flowers. Even from friends. But especially from boys. It’s not hard if you know me even a little bit to know what sort of flowers to get me (RED. or GERBERAS. or TIGERLILIES just FYI for various reasons). Surprise delivery flowers are pretty much the greatest thing EVER. An ex-boyfriend used to buy me flowers at least once a week, and our house was full of pretty smells and colours. When we moved, I didn’t get flowers for a year and a half. Because we didn’t have a vase. True story. What a nobba.


Don't fear The Hair...

Don't fear The Hair...

Boys generally have lovely hair. Whatever it’s like. But maybe arranged in to some sort of fantastical spikeyish rocakbilly quifftastical sculpture.

But the important thing is to not actually care because I need to be able to scruffle it. You know. SCRUFFLE. Hair scruffles. Similarly, the next best thing to playing with someones hair is having them play with mine. Which is terrifying for a lot of people, myself included.

It's been known to happen...

It's been known to happen...

So when a boy IS brave enough to play with my hair, it’s extra super awesome. Whatever the consequences.

Not in a zombie way. The loveliest qualities in a boy ever are intelligence and bravery. Not requiring some sort of rocket scientist part time fireman person of course. Intellectual equality is important to me because I like to have a good argument or debate or at least an inspiring conversation with someone who has almost as much to say about something as I do. As for bravery…..


It’s rare that I find someone who’s as careless with consequence as I am but if a boy is brave enough to – say – not check a train timetable before leaving the house (CRAZY BEHAVIOUR! YEAH!) or be nice and spontaneous blablabla. Lots of people say they want this don’t they? Lots of people say they’re like this too. LOTS OF PEOPLE ARE WRONG. Gestures are important. Better than buying presents, better than even flowers, the greatness of a Grand Gesture of some relevent and important action – whatever it is – should never be underestimated. You know what I mean? I’m rambling a bit. Anyway *I* know what I mean and that’s why I’m writing this. If you get it too, then that’s a nice added bonus.

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5 Responses to If you like-a-me like I like-a-you…

  1. The funnies. They has to have the funnies. If I had my way I would be laughing 24 hours a day. Laughing is the actual best thing ever and people who can make it happen to me without me trying are THE TOPS.

  2. pandacrumpet says:

    Yes i totally agree……………Funnys comes under being a spaz………..I could NEVER go out with someone who didn’t make me giggle.

  3. Yes, too true, too true. And tbh I generally prefer being silly to high-faluting humour in general and it usually takes me a while to be “silly” rather than just jokey with someone. If I can be silly with someone, well…flutterflutterflutterflutterfluttersigh.

  4. pandacrumpet says:

    EXACTLY!!! If someone can make you feel like a big kid in a good way then thats just ACE!

  5. Rachel says:

    LAFF? Oh how I laffed. I loved the tap mix thing with the tip ex on as Ive had many of those. I also love the hair thing but Pete and are very fussy bout our hair and therefore its a no no scruffle area lol (Ill allow it just this once as I luff him to bitsies).
    Anyways, you have all the things we love boys to do down to a T but they so very rarely happen :p

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