We had this idea a few weeks back, and then all of a sudden the #tweetyour16yearoldself hashtag popped up yesterday and we thought it was time to kick ourselves up the arse to finish this. Panda said we should write letters to our 16yr old selves. For me, it became a brilliant way to make me realise that not only am I the person I always hoped I’d be… but I think I might have actually always been. There are some experiences in life that are painful or difficult to go through at the time, but if you did a single one of them differently you probably wouldn’t be where you are today. And if you like where you are today then you’re winning, eh? Kinda wish ceramic hair straighteners had been around then though. C. x

Dear little Crumpet,

You were right to pick music AND art AND graphics for GCSE. When teachers tell you that you’re quite good a lot of different things but lack any real direction – forget their negative intentions because this is a massive compliment because even though you might NEVER find ‘direction’, it means you’re able to do and try a whole HEAP of different things in life and can adapt at the drop of a hat (a hat that you made yourself whilst working in AUSTRALIA – YEAH I KNOW!). These pricks have no appreciation of creativity and no idea how to deal with it. When they slag off your university choices, hold your head up to the fact that BUSINESS STUDIES IS NOT A REAL SUBJECT EITHER so it’s fine.

16 Year Old Crumpet

16 Year Old Crumpet

It’s OK to go nuts over boys. It will never stop being confusing or heartbreaking but it will also never ever get boring. Stop worrying that your spontaneous nature might one day land you in a spot of bother because know that if it ever does, whatever happens in the end will happen for some sort of right reason that will lead to something else wonderful further down the line. You kind of already know this already but you’re too busy worrying to realise it.

The idiots who bully you for loving guitars and festivals even at this age will in 15 years time pay hilarious amounts of money to ‘do’ festivals whilst taking a week off from working for some massive corporation in the city. You wont even care because you’ll have had way better fun by then back when the music they bullied you for liking was MUCH better.

Please keep playing piano and don’t stop learning. Same goes for clarinet. And glockenspiel. And conducting. Yes really. You’re good at them all and when your exams are over please don’t give it up or it will make learning the accordion age 28 so much harder.

Try charcoal instead of pencils. You’re much better at it.

You’ll get on with mum a lot better when you stop resenting how similar AND different you are. Be there for your brother when he needs you in a few years because he’s totally going to pay it back in a way that makes all the horrid things you did to him when he was 5 not matter any more.

Wear your bloody glasses. Once you sort your eyebrows out you’ll realise they suit you anyway. Stop worrying about the right eye though. It’s totally what makes you see the world differently. You know. Metaphorically n’that.

Stick with the Bluetones.

Embrace The Hair.



Dear Little Panda,

I’m writing this from the future like DR Who, which you’re/I’m totally into now weird huh??? So you know I thought I’d give you a few words of advice.

Firstly all those girls that gave you grief at school, absolute slut bags now with about a gazzilion kids each and as about as interesting and cultured as a fish finger.

Dont fret about quitting college,we go back you know and this time its way more interesting and fun.

Please please please reconsider letting that man who walks around with Rats on his shoulders and pink dreads finger you in Club Art………..He later goes on to commit suicide. Nothing to do with you i might add but still.

Remember a few years back when you were showing off and kicking walls just because you can’t feel your feet, then you broke it and didn’t realise and it ended up all fucked up. You’re gonna do that again, this time the broken foot comes from kicking a fridge and it ends up fucked because you want to go out dancing so force Webby (future friend) to help you cut the plaster cast off. You’ll be pissed for a bit that you can’t wear high heel shoes like everyone else but fret not. You’ll discover these things called Converse in a few years and you’ll totally rock em.

16 year old Panda

16 year old Panda

Also good news, your gonna have kids, two of them and they’re wicked and really cool. Bad news is you’re a total statistic and split up with your husband (Yeah you get married too) But good news is, you handle it amazingly, you’re even able to still be sort of friends with him, I’m very proud of you/Me.

You know how you feel a bit lost now, some of your friends are a bit crap, you worry a ridiculous amount about scars and what boys will think of them. NONE OF THAT MATTERS. It will take you a long time to realise that though, but you will and you’ll find yourself one day surrounded by the most amazing people and they’re ace and they like you just for you and you’ll end up actually liking yourself too.

Also we do grow into our nose don’t panic.

Beware the lady who sells you your first 8th when you’re 18 its utter crap and she over charges you.

September 1999 Do not eat the egg sandwich

Saucy Polaroids always seem like a good idea but remember bags can get left on trains REMEMBER THIS!

Oh and one final thing August 2010 – KISS THE BOY! (You’ll probably never see him again)

Lots of Love

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6 Responses to #Tweetyour16yearoldself

  1. Hey,
    great minds think alike!
    the hashtag has come from two books I conceived and edited “Dear Me” and “With love from me… to me”

    I have a website at http://www.josephgalliano.co.uk – can I post your letters there?

    Email me if so!

    LOVE your letters


  2. Rachel says:

    Can I write on to my 16 year old self in ere please?

  3. Dejah says:

    Reminds me of a pretty song from one of the Silent Hill soundtracks– “Letter from the Lost Days.” Only in reverse, because it’s from a teenage girl to her adult self.

    A letter to my future self– Am I still happy? I began
    Have I grown up pretty, is Daddy still a good man?…

    Anyway I recommend it, I think it’s on Grooveshark if you want a listen.

  4. em says:

    And oh my god you’re a right about festivals and music. I used to get slagged something rotten for that then suddenly it was cool and all the tossers from school were going to them and now they’re full of twats.

    And you’re right we had better bands when we went 🙂

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