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For the sake of… blah.

Lots of people do those ‘review of the year’ or ‘My 2010’ type posts eh? Obviously we were going to as well. But we’re ALWAYS goin on about the learning and the growing. We’ve blabbed endlessly about how much we’ve … Continue reading

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Past, presents, future…

CRUMPET: I love giving presents to people. I love the thrill of finding the thing or thinking of the thing or making the thing that you know is so perfect and lovely for a person that it’s going to make … Continue reading

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Food. We bladdy love food, us two. We also love boys. WHAT IF WE COMBINED THESE TWO LOVES IN TO SOME SORT OF COMEDY BLOG POST? Also featuring RECIPES for your eyes and kitchens and bellies. Enjoy. And if you … Continue reading

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…and the living (together) is easy…. (or something)

Well its been an eventful week at P & C Headquarters (We don’t actually have a Headquarters. Wish we did. Crumpet can we get a headquarters please?) Me and Crumpet have found ourselves talking about boys and relationships even more … Continue reading

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“Well I don’t know what I’m looking for…”

The thing we love and get out of writing to each other and eventually on here is that even though our ‘personal lives’ are in totally different phases, we still have a lot we can share with each other and … Continue reading

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CLIPSHOW (the bits we don’t let you see)

Alright here’s the thing. We’re well bizzy this week with work/kids/snowmen/real life. BUT we’re also busy working on a couple of ace new biggish posts too. Next week next week promise. But for now we thought we’d do a silly … Continue reading

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