For the sake of… blah.

Lots of people do those ‘review of the year’ or ‘My 2010’ type posts eh? Obviously we were going to as well. But we’re ALWAYS goin on about the learning and the growing. We’ve blabbed endlessly about how much we’ve changed over the past year – it’s one of the first things we bonded over and it’s one of the reasons we even started writing in the first place. So instead, here is a review of our best and worst New Year’s Eves… and a little bit of the reviewy/looky forwardy stuff too.

Happy New Year. Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting, for tweeting, for emailing, for meeting us in real life, for putting up with our appalling sentance structure, our daft drawings and our ranting. Here’s to 2011. xX


I’m not a big fan of New Years eve really, all that bloody expectation to have this AMAZING night and it usually ends up mediocre at best. I cant actually remember the last good new year i had, not that they’ve been terrible (Well some have) but none of them have really stood out. Last good one was probably a house party when i was a kid and i danced to Doc doc doctor beat and ate a shed load of Sarah Lee double chocolate Gateaux GOOD BLOODY TIMES.



Last year was especially odd, me and my ex had just split up but were still living together. We saw the new year in with a few friends both knowing it would be the last one we ever spent together. I also had all these ideas of what 2010 would be like for me. First time single in seven years, not only that but a single Mum as well. I was both excited and petrified.

Sitting here now trying to sum up 2010 is proving really hard, its been completely mental. Its had some fucking awful, laying on the floor curled up in the foetal position, wailing moments and also some of the sweetest moments of my life *ahem* Trafalgar Square.

The main thing that runs through this life changing year has been Twitter. Being freshly single and having two kids meant i couldn’t really go out. Suddenly this box in the corner of the room became my social life. As well as all the FUCKTARDS i’ve met which have all been documented here. I have met friends, real proper people that i bloody love to bits. People i now talk with every day, people who make me smile and some who make me fucking roar laughing. People who have done unexpected random acts of kindness upon me and people that have all been so lovely that its made me like myself even more. Cos if they like me then i must be ok. Of course i cant write this without mentioning Crumpet. This amazing, generous, spirited, adorably sweet mental haired Jew girl burst into my life and I now feel privileged to be able to call her my friend. (Facking LUFF you Thatch) I also met my lovely new fella as well, he’s been a constant throughout the year making me laugh and smile and we finally got our act together at the last moment of 2010.

So yeah there’s been up’s and downs and shit loads of learning and growing but the main thing I will take from this year is you, you lovely bunch of adorable bastards you’ve all brightened my life and made 2010 bloody AMAZING.

So this new years eve will be a quiet affair just me and my two favourite boys in the whole world, hauled up eating biscuits and watching fillms.

As for 2011, I cant even begin to imagine, but it goes without saying that its gonna be FACKING EPIC INNIT.

Happy new year and thanks for reading and all your lovely comments it really has meant the world. See you on the flip side Mo Fo’s xxx


New Years Eve 2008-2009 was one of the worst of my life. New Years Eve is always (obviously, as we ALL know) massively overrated, and Just Another Night etc etc but due to my never-ending foolish optimism I STILL always think THIS YEAR WILL BE THE BEST ONE EVER. Pfft. 2008 had been fairly turbulent as I had made the decision in July to leave Australia and move back to London, leaving my then boyfriend behind whilst he waited for his visa application to complete. My mum had been ill, I had found out about a heart condition I had no previous knowledge of having, and I just wanted to come home. By December I was so depressed, lonely, anxious and sad that I spent New Years Eve being walked from Walthamstow to Hackney by an old school friend and her dog whilst I sobbed in my pyjamas (a recurring theme at this point in my life) – I then spent the evening catching the bus to my brother’s flat above a kebab shop at 10pm, getting completely off my tits on a number of various substances and then catching the bus home again (crying) at 12.10am. I did however have a lovely chat with the bus driver who happened to be the same one on both parts of my journey and had recognised me. We had a lovely chat about how much he hates New Year and about all the things he was going to buy with the masses of cash he was earning for working all night (including “LOADS OF STEAKS” and “a new tennis bat for my boy”. Bloody loved him).

By LAST New Years Eve, I had broken up with The Australian, moved to Kilburn, made amazing new friends, gathered up old ones, got my job back and basically had a wicked 8 months of MegaChange. Last New Year’s Eve may have been my happiest ever.

Burrrrrn 'em! BURN 'EM ALLLLLLL!

Burrrrrn 'em! BURN 'EM ALLLLLLL!

We had a (somewhat small for what has become typical for parties in our house) lovely house party… I invited friends from home, new friends I’d made, and had (most of) my lovely housemates around me. We got hammered on jelly shots and port by 9pm, danced on the couch deciding no one would show up, had a full house of booze, love + friends by 11 and saw in the new year with hugs and dancing and NO TEARS. Just after midnight I burnt all of my Australian visa documents in the fire we had lit in the back garden for warmth and marshmallows with my brother’s help, and finally went to bed having had the loveliest New Year I’ve ever had. And y’know what else? IT WAS BOY FREE. It was maybe my most/only boy free New Years Eve for as long as I can remember. AND IT WAS ACE.

This year has been massive for me. I’ve met more new and lovely people in the last 12 months than I have since probably my first year of Art College or something. I’ve met Panda, who came up with the idea for our little blog, which has led to all number of awesome things and continues to open interesting new exciting doors for both of us (long may it continue in to 2011 and more…). I’ve spent time on my own, time with boys, time with friends and time with my family and learnt things about myself that I ever knew or realised before. I’ve seized more opportunities, entered competitions, tried new things, and been to new places… I’ve jumped in. 2010 has genuinely been one of my best years ever. Some of my favourite things have happened with some of my favourite people.

The last few weeks of this year have been an odd mix of ups and downs with the ups being bloody fun and unexpected and wonderful and the downs being equally out of the blue. I have NO idea what 2011 has in store for me. And THAT is exciting and brilliant and lovely. The idea that it might just top 2010 is even MORE exciting. Happy new year. xX

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3 Responses to For the sake of… blah.

  1. what a fab read. my 2010 has been amaaazing too, probably most exciting and mad year of my life, but mostly in a fantastic way (especially given that 2009 was worst year of my life, exciting in all sorts of hospital/am-i-dying type ways) – may 2011 bring even better stuff for us all 🙂 x x x (blimey, 3 kisses, now what does THAT mean haha)

  2. LetsPlayChess? says:

    I like to think that I guaranteed Crumpet a good NYE and by jove she got one (with no actual effort from me, obv).

  3. Rich A says:

    Great post, and so glad to see that 2010 has ended positively for you both 🙂

    As for me 2010 has been the toughest of my adult life, but along with that I’ve learned plenty about myself. My main hope for 2011 is that it will be a little less turbulent. Yeah, I know, good luck with that…

    Happy New Year 🙂 xx

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