Be my valentine (or don’t. Whatever…!)

HELLO! How the bladdyell have you BEEEEEN? Sorry it’s been ages. Real Actual Life got in the way a bit. And the amazing exciting multimedia extravaganza we had planned… well Crumpet sort of broke it, then fixed it, then got angry with it then shouted at it and ran out of time and… you get the picture. We WILL post it eventually. In some way.

Anyway – SURPRISE. We had some thoughts about valentine’s day. They’re not very insightful or meaningful or interesting, but we sent them to each other. Missed you! Have a lovely day. x


I sit on the fence somewhat with Valentines, reading some of the sickly crap on Facebook today made me roll my eyes but when my own lovely boyfriend sent me a Valentines Tweet I grinned like a spaz.

When I was younger it was a huuuuuuge deal though, I’d race down the stairs to see if anyone had left me anything. I can recall three, one year from my Mum, the next from My sister and then from a boy THREE YEARS BELOW ME. They were all crap, my Sister still swears to this day that it wasn’t her. (Totally was)

Then in my twenties it was much of the same disappointment really, I remember the year when a silhouette of a man stood outside my front door, I raced down with anticipation only to be greeted by the mental down the road, selling me one singular peg and a toilet roll. Both unused thankfully and which I got for the bargain price of 20p.

Pegs... bog roll... ROMANCE.

Pegs... bog roll... ROMANCE.

In the past I did make a big deal about Valentines day, well more I expected a lot. I went through a succession of shit relationships, so for me Valentines was surely the day where they had to be nice and show me they liked me. And actually yeah, I have had some really thoughtful things over the years. But showing someone you like em one day out of 356 is fucking crap really……Specially when you’re practically being forced to.

So this year has been the first year where there hasn’t been any expectations, me and Mr Panda had this chat and I made it clear that the idea of going out for dinner with a trillion other couples, staring at each other over a plastic flower made me wanna yack. So we’ve settled for staying home with crap food and a crap film instead and this pleases me greatly.

For me this year it’s not about grand gestures or tacky cards, for the first time ever I’m with someone who makes me smile every day (Oh come on its Valentines I’m allowed to say this shit today right?) Last week was a right fucker had all sorts of crap going on, was worried about burdening Mr Panda with it, specially as it’s still a relatively new thing. But he sussed something was up so share I did and I was blown away by the support I got from him. He’s an absolute star and those of you who know him, will know that anyway.

So yeah for me although this year isn’t a big deal its defo going to be the best one ever, because I get to spend it with one of my most favourite people, my favourite person Oooooh. Happy Valentines you crazy kids, have a good un. : ) x


GUESS WHAT? I don’t hate valentines day. I don’t love it in a sickly sweet girlish way. I’m not in a particular situation in which I find myself overly romantical at present, but that doesn’t make me sad or miserable or hate people who are loved up and happy. I paid for university by working part-time at Clinton Cards which we’re all well aware is the most horrific place in the entire world (although managed to bring it down from the inside just a little bit by getting the names of suppliers and sending them my own photos & designs – some of which EVEN YOU may have bought, but I doubt it as I only ever earnt as much as my bus fare to the awful place cost me anyway). So I’ve been REALLY exposed to the true horrors of the commercial nature of this non-occasion. We all know how over-commercialised, media-manipulated and ridiculous the whole silly affair is and JUST LIKE my rant about christmas and presents, it’s all fairly meaningless and the tiniest things on other days can mean heaps more bla bla bla… but I REALLY LIKE THINGS THAT ARE RED. And hearts. And romance. And the fact that there are PLENTY of people who are RARELY romantic, but get encouraged to be so today. I LIKE the bit of valentines day where someone gets surprised, or receives something unexpected. Or feels brave enough to tell someone how they really feel. I love the fact that it’s one of only 3 days in the year that my dad goes out of his way to buy my mum flowers without her asking him.

I like red things. And hearts.

I like red things. And hearts.

I had silly valentines days at high school where I wrote a really long message to A Boy I Liked in French, only to have him return it to my locker at lunchtime with grammatical corrections in red. There was my first ever boyfriend who lived all the way in Scotland who sent me my first ever proper valentines card when I was 14, saying that he loved me, and realising that I hadn’t sent him anything I quickly phoned him, only to have him tell me the same, to which I responded that he shouldn’t be so bloody daft because he was 14. (I’m romantic like that). I had a valentine’s day at an exclusive resort on the southern coast of Thailand, at a hotel most people had arrived at by private yacht whilst I unfastened my rucksack from my sweaty shoulders after a 13 hour coach trip and a ride in a drunk policeman’s van. Valentines day 2007 was the day I arrived in Melbourne. I spent valentines day 2009 with my best friend in the world, consoling her after filing for divorce and eating chocolates by the Thames in the sunshine after spending the entire day in the Tate Modern. Last year, I took my wonderful housemate to an event at the London Transport Museum, resulting in us necking shots of Jaegermeister at our local on the way home and meeting a random American stranger who soon became a great friend who we see often.

This weekend I found myself inside Battersea Power Station at a valentines event. London is my absolute one true love. Always has been… always will be. I had a dream about the inside of that building when I was 7 years old and now I’ve been inside it. That was ace too. Today, valentines day, I’ll be sitting at home, writing – for a freelance job that earns me a little extra money which is BRILLIANT – and relaxing, on my own… maybe with my lovely housemates… and that is all. Just like New Years Eve… or birthdays… or christmas… it’s just A Day. I have no point really. Just I just don’t see the point in ignoring it, even if you’re not necessarily celebrating it. So happy valentines day. I hope you’re doing something nice. x

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3 Responses to Be my valentine (or don’t. Whatever…!)

  1. Pete says:

    Lovely post! I usually try to do romantic little things regardless of the date, but have come to expect that it is expected I make a gesture on Valentines Day, the sucker that I am. I remember years back when I was at school, about 12 years old, I think and there was this girl I reeeeally liked. I had at that time been learning to sew and make toys from fur fabric, courtesy of my mum and she’d got me a template to make a lovely toy seal. I made it and it WAS lovely. I decided to give this as a gift to the girl of my liking for Valentines Day, so I made sure I was first in class and put it on her desk. She was most creeped out and stalked across the classroom to put it on my desk. I was a little more cautious from then on! Though perhaps it was karma, as a few years previous, I think I was around 9, I received a valentines card from the girl who used to often punch me in the stomach. It read, something like this,
    “I’m sorry I punched you in the tummy. I love you. Be my Valentine”
    So of course, I screwed it up, making sure she could see and threw it in the bin. I thought she had a bloody cheek after she was mean to me, but I guess if a kid likes another kid, a punch to the stomach is the usual way to show it, plus she probably realised the error of her ways and wanted to make amends. At least she didn’t punch me any more.

    Keep up the good work ladies!

  2. I lurrrrrrrves youse guys. Please continue to be brilliant, charming, and yourselves.

  3. Peter Spencer says:

    two great posts!

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