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The perils of living in The Future…

A big topic, this week. The way we use Twitter. All of us. All typed things, really. But specifically that. Sometimes it works, sometimes it goes a bit wrong. As ever, Crumpet’s is soft and ridiculous whilst Panda’s is about … Continue reading

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Oooh you’ve got green eyes…

Jealousy. Funny ridiculous insecure nonsense, innit. We all get it though, from worrying whether you should trust someone or not, to wishing your lunch was as nice as the girl’s on the desk opposite yours. Here’s a song about it … Continue reading

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It’s what you’ve got, not what you do with it…

Y’know what we like almost as much as boys? STUFF. Despite our rants about the materialistic bullshit associated with christmas or valentines day, there are some things a gal’s just gotta have… PANDA: I remember when I was 14 and … Continue reading

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