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40 thoughties

THE UK TOP 40. Why were the charts always of 40? Anyway. This is our 40th post. Hooray and all that. We’ve made our own top 40 of the things that make us who we are. The sum of the … Continue reading

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Put your best foot forward……

Way back when I wrote that one about text message kisses, Panda didn’t think she had anything to write to accompany it. We’ve both been feeling a bit sorry for ourselves – for a whole bunch of different reasons – … Continue reading

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Everybody look at the moon…

RIGHT THEN. Periods. Hormones. THE MOON. Absolute weirdo nonsense that boys understand JUST as little as girls do. We’re all doomed. But then we’re fine again. Stupid moon. CRUMPET: THE MOON. It’s got a lot to answer for. Nothing to … Continue reading

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It’s all in the game…

This keeps coming up. When we speak to each other. When we speak to our friends. Guys. Girls. No one seems to get it. The games people play. Or the games we think they’re playing. Or the games we play … Continue reading

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