A YEAR. New things.

Hello. We’ve been here for a year now. Well, over a year, but someone’s been on holiday so we had to wait an itty bitty bit before posting this. If you’ve commented, tweeted, recommended, laughed, cried, loved or hated anything here in the past year, then thank you for at least reading. You might notice this post looks a little different – thanks to the wonderful offer of a COLLABORATION with one of the internet’s finest doodlers and humans, Dotmund. His long-term adoration of these pages was becoming quite frankly a little more than embarrassing, so we thought we’d mark our blogaversary by letting him illustrate this post for us. Maybe YOU want to collaborate in some way too? Well it’s a whole new year… anything might happen now.


“The seconds pass slowly and years go flying by”.

Ben Folds, that. WISE, eh? It’s funny coz it’s true. Etc.

A year. A WHOLE YEAR since we first took a deep breath and said – no one’s going to read this crap but we’ll just do it for US and see what happens.

On 22nd July 2010, @mixmasterfestus decided that he would give a stack of comics in return for #FF’s presented on video. I made this one, she made that one. We’d chit-chatted a little bit on twitter via other people – but that was the day we first followed each other. And won a stack of comics, each, by the way. YEAH.

We’ve been through how this blog came about before – but in summary, it was, as you’d imagine, the product of having to briskly move from a couple of vaguely melodramatic tweets by each of us about boys,



to DMs where Panda DEMANDED to add me on Facebook – the stalker – in the hope that I’d elaborate and send her hilarious juicy details in emailish form. Whizz forward a few months, a few massively lengthy GettingToKnowYouAndAllYourBaggage type emails and IM sessions… and here we are.

It’d be an understatement to say that having this Pandafaced fool as a friend has changed my life a little bit. Her ears and brain have provided me with a bit of a cosy padded cell if ever I’ve been sad or confused or upset about any number of things. Her words and understanding and insight generally calms me down on the most part (even when it’s the HERE’S A BIG MIRROR AND A SLAP IN THE FACE NOW PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER style), and has changed the way I understand a lot of things in my life. My family, my relationships, my cake-icing skills and my love of coronation chicken.

We met in real human form (it was a POWERFUL moment) after about the first 3 times we published anything on here. We went to go see Jaws at the PCC.

An Actual Photo from my disposable camera

An Actual Photo from my disposable camera

We had some underlying boy-based themes/plans to our day but the main magical thing was that I took a photo of us on a bus on a disposable camera and also bought this really cool red and white striped cardigan. Such a special day. I bloody love that ridiculously over-ruffled cardigan. It was also the day I chucked a load of chips on the floor and got burger in my hair, and the day that I left Panda alone, abandoned in big ol’ Laaandan to be looked after by her now love. Aaaww. We had a wicked time and it was that thing you always get with internoodle pals, generally, that they’re just as ace and fun as you thought they would be, and that you really DO end up spending the whole day talking about boys.

Lots of things have happened to me this year. Lots and nothing. She’s listened to all of it and you know who else has? You. Having a place to combine thoughts and worries and stories and quotes and share them has become so valuable to me. I’ve gone through worrying about not getting the family diamond and going on billions of panic-dates a week, to meeting a few boys I quite liked and going through the various typical Crumpet scenario of making it just complicated enough to go spectacularly wrong, every. single. time; through varying degrees of friend-based dramas; through a Christmas that fell apart because of airport closures; through mentally and emotionally processing holding a man by the wrists over the well of a flight of stairs; through hating my job to changing what I do there to loving it again but having to work a bit harder (eurgh); through falling out spectacularly with my mum and little brother, and a number of teenage-dream musician-related encounters… every single bit of each of these things has been made lighter by being able to write it down.

CCTV footage from every time we have hung out ever

CCTV footage from every time we have hung out ever

To talk about it on Skype with Pandapants, to be able to take a day off work and go play with her at the seaside or have a ‘meeting’ where we plan to write down blog ideas but end up eating cakes and chips instead – all of this is brilliant and valuable to me.

No Oscar-style speech needed. Totally aware that it’s Just A Blog. And it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

I don’t care. We only ever did this because we made each other laugh. Now other people laugh at us too which is… yknow. A bit rad. My favourite thing about that is that this is exactly what still happens. Although we’ve gone a bit soppy now after a year and end up a bit teary most of the time. We’ve only ever half fallen out like one tiny bit of a time too.

AND NOW we’ve got this awesome chap who sends us quite frankly a very flirtatious bit of fan mail declaring his desperate need to illustrate one of our posts. We’d been deciding how to ‘celebrate’ our anniversary.

We wanted to try something new. We had talked about some kind of collaboration, or cross-over, or changing SOMETHING. We got a bit stuck though and ended up talking about… well… boys. S’what we do, innit. x


I remember first seeing Crumpet lovingly caressing the loo roll in that video and I remember thinking she was all sophisticated with an amazing fringe and the straightest of straight hair.

Confusey-haired loo-roll Crumpet

Confusey-haired loo-roll Crumpet

Then later when SHE friend requested ME on Facespaz and I stalked through all her pictures I saw she had in fact the most magical mental curly hair I had ever seen. I didn’t quite understand how someones hair could be so different…

It still confuses me on an almost daily basis.

To attempt to sum up Crumpet would be difficult, when I think of her I think of our first meeting. I knew she was a bit O posh as I’d stalked through her you tube videos and I by then knew of ‘The Hair’ but I still wasn’t prepared. I was a bit nervous, what if she didn’t like me in person? What if the conversation didn’t flow as well in real life as it did in emails? So I got off the tube and walked into a busy Liverpool Street station and there she stood all red stripes and sparkly trainers and she skipped towards me and engulfed me in a massive hug. Apart from thinking ‘Wow nice bloody arse’ I was instantly struck by how warm and sunny and just well bloomin lovely she was. She grabbed my arm starting talking ten to the dozen and whizzed me off round London for one of the best days ever.

After that meeting we became proper friends not just internet friends and over the last year we’ve seen our friendship change and flourish. Neither of us have ever been the sort of friends who only tell each other what we want to hear. We’ve always told it how it is, or even just the blunt how we think it is (I think that’s the Jew in us) At times this has caused us to bristle and get cross with each other (truth hurts don’t it) but we’ve always come back and always will do.

We’ve both grown and changed so much in the past year. Crumpet has been there for me through heart-break as well as shoving me towards my wonderful Mr Panda. She has been a constant listening ear and her warmth and compassion not just for me but for everyone in her life never fails to amaze me.

I still get excited when she DM’s me to tell me there is an email on the way and I still delight in reading her tales of boys and gin. She is a beautiful person both inside and out although at times I’ve wanted to strangle her because she just didn’t see that. Now thanks to a brand new magic sexy bra and several other things she’s finally starting to.

"Hello. I'm Johnny Chicken"

"Hello. I'm Johnny Chicken"

So here we are one year on, bought together because of our love for boys and stuck together because of our love for cold curried chicken, Johnny Cash, each other and of course our lovely little blog.

What started as a silly thing, something we genuinely didn’t think anyone would read apart from us. Has turned into something we both cherish and also something I’m incredibly proud of. So many times when we’ve had stuff going on, to be able to get it down and write about it has been the best therapy there is. To have YOU read it is truly wonderful, the feedback we get and listening to your stories is exactly what we hoped the blog would become. For that I say a massive thank you, the fact you bother to read our often silly words means the absolute world.

So Happy Anniversary to us!!!! Here’s to another year of sharing boy stories and fingering anecdotes, and drawings, and shoving flowers in our hair and me trying to get fresh with Crumpet whenever I possibly can. And here’s to you, you absolute lovely bunch of sexbeasts! We ruddy bloddy LOVE you! xx

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7 Responses to A YEAR. New things.

  1. Tom Maybey says:

    Thank you for being around for a year with your words.

  2. Happy Anniversary you two lovely lumps of whackery. I love your blog and I love you. The blog is a delight and your honesty is refreshing, touching and down right adorable. Here’s to another year.
    Love ya!
    PS The illustrations are fabulous dotmund! x

  3. Judearoo says:

    Aw, well done both. Bloody love this blog! 🙂

    (ps This is my first time commenting on here – Squeee!)


  4. Ah lurves y’all. Thank you for writing All The Words~

  5. Justin says:

    Happy Anniversary you two! And yes, love your blogging and twitteriness 🙂

  6. Michelle says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Thank you for sharing so much…every time I read your blog it makes me smile, smirk and often real life Laugh Out Loud!

    Michelle xx (hope that’s an appropriate number of kisses…still slightly confused).

  7. Marie says:

    Lovely, love stuff! Here’s to many more years of Panda and Crumpet. And…bloody hell, Dotmund’s illustrations are FAB!

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