2012 Cosmo Blog Award Winners!

Well – hello there! It’s been a while. You look nice. Have you changed your hair?

Our Cosmo Blog Award!

Our Cosmo Blog Award!

We’ve both been quite pre-occupied with working on other things and whatnot. Mostly the whatnot, though. Whilst we were busy doing that, you were busy voting for us in the Cosmo Blog Awards. Thanks for that. A brilliant thing happened. WE BLOODY WON.

Crumpet made it to the Cosmo Awards Party to grab our loot and meet the other lovely nominees. First up though, it’s Panda…


We’ve not written anything new for quite a while now, there are loads of different reasons for that, but mainly it’s just life. We never started this because we wanted to be writers we just wanted to share (with each other and we thought maybe a few of our mates) what we were going through. We were two singles girls both with big bastard heartbreaking relationships in our past and both having ridiculous boy adventures in our present. For me a lot of my friends were in relationships so having Crumpet to talk to about my misadventures in love was brilliant, it played a big part in helping me get happy after my relationship ended.

We thought it would never amount to more than a few of our mates reading it out of politeness, but soon through the power of Twitter loads of you were reading our words. I’d never put anything out on the internet like that and having it received so well gave me a massive confidence boost. I began to really enjoy writing and with help from Crumpet I actually improved (a bit) my slack spelling and grammar.

I’m so fond of this Blog, it’s a little time capsule of a really important part of my life. So to have won a Cosmopolitan Blog award last week (and on our two-year anniversary) was just amazing. I genuinely didn’t think we’d win, we were up against some brilliant Blogs and I’m still a bit shocked that we got it. It’s lovely to have that recognition though, and I want to thank you for voting for us, thank you all for reading our words and thank you for sharing with us too. It was always good to have confessed something really embarrassing only for one of you to comment ‘I’ve done that too!’ You’re all brilliant.


When Panda & I first started sending each other our long ranty emails about boys, they were never intended for anyone else. Two ladies having a hard but hilarious time trying to move on from some ridiculous parts of our pasts by sharing stories. Once we started writing them up on here, sharing them with you and illustrating them with our quite frankly damn inspirational stick-figure drawings, having an audience who interacted with our thoughts and experiences filled us with the encouragement and enthusiasm to keep going.

We celebrated our tenth post, and couldn’t believe we’d got that far.

We gasped and gawped when we’d kept at it for six months.

When we realised we’d been working at this for a year, we celebrated with our gorgeous new header and logo, and used it as a chance to look back at how the blog, and we, had grown, progressed, changed and improved.

The sheer volume of people who not only read, share, and interact with Panda & Crumpet is constantly exciting and confidence-boosting. But the number of you who nominated and voted for us in the 2012 Cosmo Blog Awards is properly unbelievable. The number is unbelievable because then, after two years of work, WE WON. You, and Cosmopolitan Magazine’s panel of judges, decided that this was the Sex & Relationships blog of the year.

Awards, accolades, prizes, parties – all of the celebration around winning are amazing. But to know that our two years of words and experiences have ended up meaning and creating something bigger than ourselves is pretty fucking brilliant. Thank you.

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3 Responses to 2012 Cosmo Blog Award Winners!

  1. Steffi says:

    You guys kick ass, I love this blog. I really hope you carry on and wish you all the best for this year! Oh – and whats the best way to contact you with blog ideas? I have a topic Id love to hear from you about…just comment it here, or?…x

  2. Great job you two! And thanks to Cosmo for helping us find you.

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