Who ARE we? What IS all this crap?

Panda & Crumpet were two ladies who talked (and still talk) lots of silly nonsense to each other on the big old Twitter machine. They noticed they were both talking about boys and how silly they were quite a lot so it wasn’t long before they realised that 140 characters wasn’t quite enough for their gossiping and joking and sharing and stuffs. Within just a few brilliant days of helping each other out and sharing their daft excuses for advice whilst being equally hopeless with boys, they decided that maybe they could share the silly stories they were telling each other with other ladies who might also be hopeless with boys, or who might just fancy a laugh at their poor attempts to form meaningful relationships or just have a lovely snog.

So they did. And this is where we write our stories to each other now. We don’t really know each other that well. Writing these things to each other is how we’re getting to know each other you see. It’s working quite well. But we genuinely do get distracted and END UP TALKING ABOUT BOYS. Even whilst writing THIS we’ve stopped to talk about text messages and IM *pop* noises from boys. So there you go. We Like Boys.

At the time of building this, we haven’t even met each other in real actual proper life yet. But we’re workin’ on it. *

We don’t always spell stuff properly, or form coherant sentances. We thought we should warn you about that because it upsets a lot of people. But you have to remember that we write this stuff quickly. Usually in IM form, or in very hurried emails. There’s no point changing or correcting it, because that’s not how we first read or wrote it down. If it bothers you, then you’re kind of missing the point.

You might also know us with other names, as noisy people on Twitter, or noisy people on Facebook, or noisy real-life people. HOW LUCKY ARE YOU?!

* We’ve met in real life now!!