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A YEAR. New things.

Hello. We’ve been here for a year now. Well, over a year, but someone’s been on holiday so we had to wait an itty bitty bit before posting this. If you’ve commented, tweeted, recommended, laughed, cried, loved or hated anything … Continue reading

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The dirt on The Flirt

Basically, we’re shit at flirting. CRUMPET: I am a terrible flirt. I don’t mean in the cheeky “ooh you’re a TERRIBLE flirt” way – I mean I am pretty dreadful at performing A Flirt. Lots of people think they’re bad … Continue reading

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40 thoughties

THE UK TOP 40. Why were the charts always of 40? Anyway. This is our 40th post. Hooray and all that. We’ve made our own top 40 of the things that make us who we are. The sum of the … Continue reading

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Everybody look at the moon…

RIGHT THEN. Periods. Hormones. THE MOON. Absolute weirdo nonsense that boys understand JUST as little as girls do. We’re all doomed. But then we’re fine again. Stupid moon. CRUMPET: THE MOON. It’s got a lot to answer for. Nothing to … Continue reading

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Ding dong…

So there’s this wedding, or whatever. Well we’ve been to some as well y’know. One of us has even HAD one. Stuff THAT in yer Philip Treacy hat and something something grumble grumble. CRUMPET: I was once invited to the … Continue reading

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It’s what you’ve got, not what you do with it…

Y’know what we like almost as much as boys? STUFF. Despite our rants about the materialistic bullshit associated with christmas or valentines day, there are some things a gal’s just gotta have… PANDA: I remember when I was 14 and … Continue reading

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Very superstitious…. (writing on the blog…)

We’re a bit daft really. That’s it. CRUMPET: Despite suffering from a ridiculously overactive imagination for a *grown up*, I consider myself a fairly rational human. I like problem solving, I know when things are silly vs things that are … Continue reading

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