Crumpet is 30 and has lived with two whole human boys, you know. One she bought a house with when she was still at university (silly). One she even moved to the other side of the world for (REALLY silly). Placing all belief in fate, coincidences and going where the wind blows, she’s a lady who’s not known for thinking things through or considering the consequences of anything. Crumpet has been mostly single for a few years now – and is equally Very Happy about that whilst remaining eternally convinced that Something Magical is about to happen with pretty much every boy she sees on the bus, at the pub, or in a friend’s sister’s friend’s facebook photos. An active campaigner for Arts funding, she is obsessed with the life and work of William Morris and has a massive tattoo of a 19th Century wood block pattern on her back. Crumpet lives in North West London and works there too, teaching people how to look after old buildings, whilst earning extra money for gin and dresses by writing about holidays she hasn’t really been on.


3 Responses to CRUMPET

  1. Peter Spencer says:

    That is a great bio, in fact I really like this blog! @petewrites on twitter!

    A big house full of mice and biscuits….who HASN’T lived in one of those!

  2. Maureen says:

    Crumpet! I love your bio – it’s like a better more Britishy version of my own! Love.Love.Love. I only moved across the US for a boy (from Oregon to Connecticut) but that was really silly – and the crazy thing is, I know I didn’t learn my lesson with it. I’d do it again….when i fall in love again. I can’t wait to dig deeper into this blog. I just sent the link to my best friend….


  3. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Crumpet!!!

    That is all.

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