Panda is 31 and has lived with three boys. One she moved to Sheffield with (but it was too cold so she came back). One she shared a teeny studio flat with (but he wouldn’t dance so he moved out) and one she got married to (but that didn’t quite work). She now lives with two small human boys who call her Mummy and four cats (four is fine, six is mad cat lady territory).  A massive love for Zombies, Pudding,  Dr Who and Joss Whedon. A growing collection of Angelique Houtkamp tattoos. Lives in a little flat by the sea filled with old furniture, Russian Dolls and JH Lynch paintings. An unhealthy obsession with Paul Rudd, Zooey Deschanel and Matt Smith. Runs her own private Counselling practice and writes about getting happy here. Likes dressing up as old school Superheroes, plays the guitar – badly,  used to be a DJ, used to not be thirty. Considers herself very lucky to have such lovely friends, family and a brilliant boyfriend. Enjoys eating a whole chicken with her fingers and pretending she’s part of Game of Thrones.


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