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Knowing when he’s NOT The One

Thank you all SO much for the responses to our last post. Amazingly interesting comments, your tweets, your sweet emails, your facebook stalking… thank you. This week we’ve been helping each other move on from some things and away from … Continue reading

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on being The Single One

We are single. AND THAT IS FINE. And when it’s not fine we have a pact that instead of going mental and texting boys till they’re scared of us (see previous post) that from now on we’ll just text EACH … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Text

Ahhh the Text Message such a simple thing yet it can be filled with so much awesomeness or so much bladdy angst. We LAFF Texting we do, we love Texting each other and we specially like texting boys. But Boys … Continue reading

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Do you remember the first time…

…I can’t remember a worse time. So we challenged each other to portray in pictures our favourite and least-favourite (or just silliest) date / boy-related 1-on-1 scenario. We thought we’d leave them without much explanation. Partly due to how gigantic … Continue reading

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The Boy On The Bedroom Wall

The following 2 stories are long. They are also about famous people. BOYS, obviously. Crumpet’s is L O N G but that’s because you need the back story to fully grasp the situation. And also because of her bizarre memory … Continue reading

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The One What Got Away.

Them boys what we’ve almost-loved n lost (a bit). The couldabeens. The werentquites. Those times. Not regrets – just… well you know. These are pretty long – just a warning. BUT IT’S OK BECAUSE WE DUN SOME DOODLES LIKE YOU … Continue reading

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“I’ve got some words o’wisdom…”

(Snippets from email banter): C: “I had this idea on the bus and sent this ENTIRE thing to myself via text. Know how we were sharing words of wisdom at the weekend? let’s post the boy drawings tonight and if … Continue reading

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